Chelation Mineral Mixtures

Chelation Mineral Mixtures

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About Our Chelated Mineral Mixture:

At KNC Nutrition, we take pride in offering a superior chelated mineral mixture designed to optimize the health and performance of your livestock. Our chelated form contains a unique blend of essential minerals fortified with chelating agents, ensuring high bioavailability and efficient absorption in animals.

Key Features of Our Chelated Mineral Mixture:

Enhanced Bioavailability: Our chelation process facilitates better absorption of essential minerals, maximizing their utilization within the animal’s body.

Nutritional Balance: The precisely formulated glycine chelated minerals provides a balanced combination of essential minerals, supporting overall health and vitality in livestock.

Improved Nutrient Utilization: Chelation enhances stability and absorption, ensuring efficient utilization and uptake by the animal’s system.

Why Choose KNC Nutrition’s Chelated Mineral Mixture?

Quality Assurance: Our chelated mixture undergoes rigorous quality checks and adheres to stringent industry standards.

Scientifically Formulated: Developed by experts in animal feed nutrition, our mixture is crafted using advanced formulations based on scientific research.

Performance Enhancement: Experience improved overall performance, health, and productivity in your livestock through the balanced and bioavailable minerals in our mixture.

Empower Your Livestock with KNC Nutrition:

Elevate the well-being and performance of your animals with KNC Nutrition’s superior chelated mixture. Our commitment to delivering high-quality, bioavailability ensures the optimal health and productivity of your livestock.

Contact us today to discover how our chelated mixture can benefit your animals’ health and productivity. Trust KNC Nutrition as your partner in cattle poultry feed manufacturers.

Chelation Mineral Mixtures

Trace Minerals are key nutrients that are required for body to function. They affect various aspects of bodily function, such as growth, bone health, muscle contractions, fluid balance, digestive process and many other processes. Trace elements, though required in little quantities have critical roles in key interrelated systems of immune function, energy metabolism in animals which are directly or indirectly involved in growth, production and reproduction.

However, many glycine chelated minerals are difficult for the body to absorb easily. The bioavailability determines the efficacy of trace minerals. That’s why chelated mixtures, which are supplemented for improved absorption results in better growth performance.

The Science of Chelation

Chelating agents are typically organic compounds that are capable of linking to metal ions. A bond is formed between a metal ion and ligand (protein or amino acid) . The glycine chelated minerals creates a neutralizing effect  encapsulating the positively charges nutrient. Thus the nutrients is then able to move freely in the animal body. Through chelated form, minerals are absorbed by the body with ease.

We mainly use amino acids as chelating agents in our products due to numerous benefits they provide to plant and animals. Amino acids increase health, lead to vigorous growth, and produce greater yields.

Gylcine Chealtes

Glycine is an amino acid which we use due to its positive growth effects for chelation of minerals. Below is a typical structure shown for a chelate of glycine.

The M represents a metal ion. Each molecule of metal ion is captured by two molecules of glycine forming two ionic and two coordinative bonds.

Glycine has the chelation mixture lowest molecular weight with a high bonding capacity to the mineral. Thus Glycine chelates (Gylcinates) form a homogenous dispersion in the intestinal gut inducing optimal absorption. Further solubility is critical for trace mineral absorption. To maximize uptake, Glycinates which are highly stable and neutral complexes remain as a chelate until absorbed and does not interact with other constituents in the rumen and digestive tract of animals. In addition, the low pH value of Glycine chelates, reduces the sensitivity to the acidic onditions of digestive tract and the absorptionis improved. Glycine chelates are Non Hazardous and environmentally safe products.

Benefits of Chealted Minerals

  • Higher Bioavailability of Minerals
  • Improves Nutrient Absorption
  • Improves Fertility and Reproductive Performances
  • Improves Immune System
  • Increases Hoof Strength in Cattle
  • Reduces Mortality & ill – health
  • Improves Bone & Overall Development

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