Ornumin Manganese Glycinate

Ornumin Manganese Glycinate

Maganese (Mn) plays an essential role in bone formation and reproductive growth of animals. It is the least abundant trace mineral in the body tissues. Manganese is also required for normal estrus and ovulation in cow and normal libido and spermatogenesis in bulls and to attain on time maturity in birds.

It is needed for normal brain and muscle functions as well as blood clotting, lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, building bones, fat synthesis and DNA and RNA synthesis.

Manganese deficiency may leads to skeletal abnormalities, lower down reproductive performances, low conception rates, abortion in animals. Deficiency of Mn in poultry will result in perosis, bone shortening & bowing and poor eggshell quality in laying hens.

Ornumin Manganese Glycinates is the organically bond manganese and has higher bioavailability and lower excretion in the environment, enhancing overall performance of animals.

Mineral Content
ORNUMIN Manganese Glycinate 15%
ORNUMIN Manganese Glycinate 20%
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