Rumen Buffer Fortified with Algae



BUFFSEA is a highly effective Rumen conditioner. It is a blend of 100% natural mineral source from Calcified Seaweed (Lithothamnium sp) and alkaline salts. These natural occurring minerals aid in maintaining a stable pH levels of rumen, resulting in improved feed utilization and maximizing milk productivity in cattle. In addition, it provides a good source of Calcium and Magnesium for bone, nerve development and overal immunity development of animals.

Why Rumen Buffer?
Modern dairy cows are fed with high fiber ration, which is high in fermentable carbohydrates that are broken by ruminal bacteria, leading to production of volatile fatty acids (VFA). Thus excessive VFA gets accumulated in rumen, reducing the ruminal pH. Thus extended periods of low ruminal pH results in SARA (Sub acute ruminal acidosis). It is recommended to manage dairy cows feed with a rumen buffer to prevent SARA disorders.

Symtoms of SARA

  • Reduction in Milk production
  • Bloating of Rumen
  • Lower Feed Intake
  • Completely off Feed
  • Poor body condition and weight loss
  • Diarrhoea from unknown origin
  • Elevated respiratory & pulse rate

Cow & Buffaloes


  • Improves forage Intake
  • Effective fibre rumen digestion
  • Higher Milk yield
  • Enhanced milk quality, increased butterfat
  • Source of highly bio-available Calcium and Magnesium
  • Improved feed conversion and live-weight gain

Mixing Rate

Dairy Cows : 80 – 100 g / head/day
Diet acidity to be taken into consideration when determining rate of inclusion.The more acidic the diet, the higher the inclusion.
During periods of high summer temperature (heat stress) increase inclusion rates by 20%.

Dry cow transition: 50g /head/day
Small Animals: 25-50 g /head/day
Mixing ratio in feed: 0.5% To 1% in per MT of Feed


25 Kg Bag

Shelf Life

Best Before 24 months from the date of manufacture when stored as directed

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