Mycotoxin Analysis – QRMT

Mycotoxin Analysis – QRMT

Mycotoxins are produced by fungi growing on crops in the field or during the storage of crops or due to different climatic conditions specific to region, mycotoxin contamination in food and feed is a worldwide problem. In present scenario there are various hundreds of mycotoxin affects poultry and dairy industry which exerts their various levels of pathogencity to animals. Assured diagnosis requires detection and quantification of the specific toxin. The economically much important disease that is mycotoxicosis is causes by a toxin produces by a fungus and on the other hand fungal activity accelerates as feed start from the feed manufacturing units to the feeder pans of the animals. Mycotoxins always present in feed and raw material are straightaway directly delivered to the intestinal tract of the animals and start their adverse effects.

It’s time to mitigate these mycotoxin challenges by analysing the content of toxin levels and adding the right balance of toxin binder in the feed.

It has been estimated that 25 % of all crops shows some signs of mycotoxin contaminations and due to which many countries have established regulatory guidelines to limits mycotoxin levels in food animals and their by products. There are various mycotoxins rapid testing methods such as Lateral Flow.

KNC Nutrition provides a rapid testing method for screening on site mycotoxins in feed and raw materials.

It is important in case of poultry to analyse the mycotoxin levels in feed as the ill effects affect the growth & performance of the birds.
While in case of cattle, the feed is a major source by which milks gets contaminated with aflatoxin M1. Milk being an essentlal commodity in day to day life, there are standards define for limit of M1 levels allowed in milk quality.

Thus through quantitative rapid mycotoxin test (QRMT) we can achevie a well balanced and toxin free animal feed.

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