Chelated Mineral Mixtures: Boosting Immunity and Productivity in Livestock

Chelated Mineral Mixtures: Boosting Immunity and Productivity in Livestock

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In the cut-throat industry that is animal husbandry, ensuring their health and productivity is paramount. The use of a chelated mineral mixture is one of the most efficient ways to achieve this. These supplements for cattle provide ideal nutrition for cattle and can improve their health, and well-being in addition to immune function and performance. KNC Nutrition is one of the premium chelated mineral mixture manufacturers in India. In this blog, we will understand what chelated mineral mixture is and how it works.

What is a chelated mineral mixture?

The chelated mixture is a specialized dietary supplement in which minerals are chemically combined with amino acids. This type of binding is known as chelation which allows the better absorption of minerals by the animals. These minerals are zinc, copper, iron, manganese, and selenium which play important roles in various physiological functions.

How does it work?

One great thing about chelation is that it helps the animal body to easily absorb and utilize minerals in the body. When minerals are chelated, they are protected from interactions with other dietary components that could affect their absorption. Thus it makes a chelated mineral easier to digest in the gut and more easily absorbed into the bloodstream to get to work and exert its health benefits.

KNC nutrition offer premium chelation mineral mixture ,ORNUMIN VIT PRO .ORMIN VIT PRO delivers optimal results in cattle maintenance, production, and reproduction with its superior blend of chelated minerals, vitamins, and organic chromium.


Enhanced productivity-

The productivity of animals in terms of growth rates, milk production, and reproductive performance significantly depends on their mineral intake. Chelated mineral mixture supports enzyme function and metabolic processes that lead to better growth and higher yields.

Reduced stress-

Animals often experience stress due to environmental changes, handling, and transportation. This stress weakens their immune system and negatively impacts productivity. The chelated mixture helps to reduce stress by supporting adrenal function and reducing oxidative stress in the body, leading to healthier, more calm animals.

Improves bones and overall development-

Minerals like calcium and magnesium help in the development and maintenance of strong bones and the structural integrity of bones.

Better feed efficiency-

Animals can derive more nutritional value from the same amount of feed, leading to cost savings for farmers and improved growth rates for the livestock.

Environmental benefits-

The use of chelated mineral mixtures can also have positive environmental impacts. Better absorption means less unabsorbed materials are excreted in the environment, which reduces contamination of soil and water.

Improved immunity-

Chelated minerals play a major role in boosting the immune system of animals. For example, Zinc is required for immune cell development and function. Enhanced zinc absorption through chelation has an impact on the efficacy of immune mechanisms, hence low disease and infection rates. Another key mineral, copper, is needed in the synthesis of white blood cells and protecting the body from pathogens.

Incorporating chelated mineral mixtures in livestock diet

Consult a nutritionist  Consult a livestock nutritionist and determine the specific mineral needs of your animals and the right amount of chelated mineral mixture to be given.

Monitor animal health Regularly monitor the health of animals to check the effectiveness of the mineral supplement.

Choose the right products Make sure that the chelated mineral you use is of high quality and from a well-known manufacturer.

Why choose KNC Nutrition-

Quality assurance Our company’s chelated mineral mixture has quality checks and we adhere to stringed industry standards.

Scientifically formulated Our mixture is made with advanced formulations by scientific research by experts in animal feed nutrition.

Performance enhancement Instant progress in the health and productivity of animals maximizing profitability.

Elevate your livestock performance with KNC Nutrition’s premium chelated mineral mixture. We promise to deliver scientifically formulated, high-quality, bioavailable minerals that ensure optimal health and productivity of livestock. We also provide animal nutrition for poultry, cattle, aqua, and companion animals. For more information, you can contact us now!

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