Different Types of Natural Feed Additives and Their Specific Uses in Animal Nutrition

Different Types of Natural Feed Additives and Their Specific Uses in Animal Nutrition

feed additives in animal nutrition

Feed additives in animal nutrition play essential role in fostering growth, boosting health, and raising cattle productivity levels all around. Natural feed additives have become more popular as the focus on natural and sustainable methods has grown. KNC Nutrition is committed to offering feed additives for animal nutrition that are both high-quality and effective.

Types Of Feed Additive in Animal Nutrition

Here, we look at the various kinds of natural feed additives and how they can be used to improve the health and performance of animals.


Probiotics are live bacteria that give the host health advantages when given in sufficient quantity. It improve digestion, strengthen the immune system, and maintain a balanced gut microbiome in animal nutrition.


  1. Boost intestinal health by encouraging good bacteria
  2. Boost feed efficiency and the uptake of nutrients.
  3. Cut down on the frequency of gastrointestinal illnesses such as diarrhoea
  4. bolster the immune system to improve general wellness


Non-digestible food components known as prebiotics encourage the development and functioning of healthy gut flora. Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), galactooligosaccharides (GOS), and inulin are examples of common prebiotics.


  1. Encourage the development of advantageous gut flora
  2. Boost digestion and gut health
  3. Boost the immune system
  4. Cut down on the likelihood of harmful bacterial infections


Enzymes are biological enzymes that help simplify and make complex feed components easier to digest. In animal nutrition, common enzymes utilized are cellulases, amylases, and proteases.


  1. Increase the feed ingredients’ capacity for digestion
  2. Increase the efficiency of feed processing and nutrient absorption
  3. Decrease the amount of undigested waste to lessen the impact on the environment.
  4. Encourage cattle performance and growth

Herbal Extracts:

Because of its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant qualities, herbal extracts are made from plants like thyme, oregano, and garlic.


  1. Possess inherent antibacterial properties that lessen the need for antibiotics
  2. Protect animals against oxidants to improve their immunity and general health.
  3. lessen inflammation and promote general health
  4. Boost feed uptake and palatability

Essential Oils:

Highly concentrated plant extracts with fragrant and medicinal qualities are known as essential oils. They have antibacterial properties, increase feed intake, and promote intestinal health in animal nutrition.


  1. Serve as catalysts for organic growth
  2. Enhance intestinal health by adjusting gut microbiota
  3. Boost feed intake and palatability and offer antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

Minerals and Vitamins:

Growth, reproduction, and several physiological processes depend on essential minerals and vitamins. Mineral-rich plants, algae, and seaweed are examples of natural sources.


  1. Encourage the growth and strength of your bones.
  2. Boost immunity and resilience to illness
  3. Boost the efficiency of reproduction
  4. Improve general development and well-being

Amino Acids:

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and are necessary for the development, and healing of damaged tissue, and general well-being. Animal performance is best ensured by supplementing with amino acids such as lysine, methionine, and threonine.


  1. Encourage the development of muscles
  2. Boost weight increase and feed efficiency
  3. Boost the effectiveness of reproduction and encourage general health and vitality

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