Infertilty : Major Concern For Dairy Farms

Infertilty : Major Concern For Dairy Farms


Infertility has become a major concern in today’s dairy farms,  which is causing serious economic losses to the farmers. The farmer also incurs losses by maintaining an unproductive animal.Infertility may be attributed due to nutritional imbalance, hormonal imbalance, mineral deficiencies and faulty management.

Dairy industry contributes significantly to the national economy and socio-economic development of most developing and under developed countries The average milk production per crossbred and indigenous cow is 7.6 litres/day and 3.8 litres/day respectively in India. Currently the average coverage of Artificial Insemination breedable population is 28% in India. Dairy cows should calve once every year to maximize the production to have economic efficiency. Infertility among dairy animals continues to be major bottleneck. Infertility is a temporary disturbance in reproductive function wherein the animal cannot become pregnant. Normally an animal with a healthy reproductive function should calve every 12-14 months.

Production efficiency of dairy animals is largely dependent on reproductive performance. Deficiencies of trace minerals, vitamins, energy and protein are major contributors to poor fertility in dairy animals that results in heavy economic loss to farmers. Nutritional deficiency often results in delayed puberty, delayed post-partum oestrus, anoestrus, repeat breeding etc. However, true anoestrous and repeat breeding are most common reproductive disorders under Indian conditions. Nevertheless, in order to enhance the reproductive performance at the herd level, a sustainable improvement in  feeding, animal health,  and housing condition is very essential.

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