Mastitis Management : A bigger Threat to Dairy Industy

Mastitis Management : A bigger Threat to Dairy Industy


Masstitis continues to be one of the most significant limiting factor to profitable dairy production. This disease is an inflammation of the udder that affects a high proportion of dairy cows throughout the world. Mastitis can be a significant contributor to reduced milk quality. Mastitis differs from most other animal diseases in that several bacteria are capable of infecting the udder. These pathogens invade the udder, multiply there, and produce harmful substances that result in inflammation, reduced milk production, and altered milk quality. Because mastitis can be caused by many different pathogens, control is extremely difficult, and economic losses due to mastitis can be immense.

Mastitis can be subdivided into subclinical and clinical mastitis. Subclinical mastitis cannot be noticed by the dairy farmer because there are no perceptible signs of the disease. About 90% of all cases of mastitis are subclinical. In contrast, clinical mastitis is easily detected; for example, the udder tissue is warmer and less soft to the touch. For the detection of subclinical mastitis it is important to take regular bulk milk samples for somatic cell counts. Further it is equally important to maintain an adminstration chart of mastitis in all dairy farms.

One of the prevention of Mastitis problem is to keep the udder healthy and provide with optimum nutrition to cows. Also proper milking hygine, good milking technique and practices is essential to control mastitis in dairy cows.

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